Our Mission

BiGUS, always ready to dedicate for the deprived class of people and give support for their betterment to set them back to society.

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Our Vision
Our Identity
About Us

Providing Computer literacy programme:



·         Sensitizing about Computer Education to Children and young.

·         Best possible technical support is providing to the learner.

 Ensuring formal Education:

·       “Mathuraphari dropped in centre”   Community Centre, Child  

         droped in centre.

·        Based reading and writing method provided for the children.

·         Ensuring Cultural atmosphere to reach them in competition.

 Promoting Non formal Education:

·         Ensuring Adult education for rural people. 

·         Ensuring vocational training programme for the community.

 Emphasizing on women empowerment:

·         Creating SHGs Groups.

·         Implementing Kishori Shakti Youjana Scheme.

·         Vocational Training, Capacity building training is providing.

·         Providing Work supportive tools for SHGs groups.

·         Ensuring marketing strategy

Organizing Health awareness camp:

·         Sensitizing about immunization. 

·         Organizing camp to promote Japanese encephalitis.

·         Care and support programme for HIV positive.

 Promoting voluntarism to engage in community development process:

·         Large number of people joining hands to fulfill the objectives.

·         Facilitating a process of looking beyond “I and me”.

·         Individuals with passion, commitment and resources are    

         encouraged and given responsibilities of monitoring the community.

Conducting carrier, counseling and ICT based workshop for all children and young across our programmes:

·         Many beneficiaries getting job after completing the MSUP

          Certificate course.

Development Documentation process that can be shared with others stake holders at National and International levels:

·         Conducting research and studies into our various activities.

·         Made presentations in local, National and International forums

         on (perception of quality parenting) an individual programmes  


Organized adequate resource for the all programmes, maintain the financial help of the organization and ensure that we work effectively as well as be cost effective:

·         Developing SHGs groups as well as the volunteer form


·         Develop strategic fund raising plan as per the budgets required.

·         Develop proposals to meet with the needs.

·         Develop good donor relationship with the donors.

·         Develop good communication materials to spread awareness

          and attract donors.