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BiGUS, always ready to dedicate for the deprived class of people and give support for their betterment to set them back to society.

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Vocational Training (VT) is a major contribution to the socio-economic enhancement of an individual and the society at large. It is well understood that social and economic returns from VT are high so long as this education and training is cost-effective and linked with job opportunities. It must focus on income generating skills leading to decen t living and empowerment. AG above 16 years of age should be provided at least one trade related skill so that she can consequently get self/wag employment or establish micro-enterprise with other partners.The National Skill Development Programme (NSDP) of M/Labour &Employment is an initiative which aims at empowering all individuals through improved skills and knowledge to gain access to decent employment. Under the Programme, Skill Development Centres(SDCs) at village and block level will be promoted to provide skill development opportunity as well as to act as one-stop kiosks with information on the local labour market/employment, vocational learning opportunities and support schemes. Panchayats, municipalities and other local bodies will be involved in skill development and employment generation at the local level in collaboration with SHGs, cooperatives and NGOs. Synergy with Ministry of Labour will be established to register AGs for Short term, market oriented, demand-driven programmes providing a flexible delivery frameworkeither on site or off site, suited to the characteristics and circumstances of the target Group  

MSME Programme

Some experts think of entrepreneurs as people who are willing to take risks that other people are not. Others define them as people who start and build successful businesses. Thinking about the first of these definitions, entrepreneurship doesn't necessarily involve starting your own business. Many people who don't work for themselves are recognized as entrepreneurs within their organizations.Regardless of how you define an "entrepreneur," one thing is certain: becoming a successful entrepreneur isn't easy.

So, how does one person successfully take advantage of an opportunity, while another, equally knowledgeable person does not? Do entrepreneurs have a different genetic makeup? Or do they operate from a different vantage point, that somehow directs their decisions for them?

Though many researchers have studied the subject, there are no definitive answers. What we do know is that successful entrepreneurs seem to have certain traits in common.


Cloth for Work

“UNITY IS STRENGTH” To prioritize the sense BiGUS, the nonprofit organization of Suri, Birbhum has implemented “CLOTH FOR WORK” Program in rural area with collaboration of GOONJ the organization of Kolkata. By the active participation of the community the targeted work have done very easily. Repairs of Roads, Trees plantation, recline of ponds for use age of the villagers etc this type of work was completed and the cloth have distributed to the villagers who have need.  Cloth for women, shirts for men and children, school dress for children, dress for winter, rags, pillow cover, Shoes and chap pals, Dolls, cooking utensils have utensils and doll for children. They promised that they will be ready to do any type of loaded work by unity and want to receive such type of material.  distributed. The villagers are very pleased to receive such dress, cooking

BiGUS the Organization of Birbhum have successfully oriented the Cloth for work program in village area and established an example in the society the value of unity and prove the loaded work will be done very easily by       t he active participation of the community.

NCLP- Child Labour

BiGUS is responsible for the Society from the Birth time. To serve the vision of the organization BiGUS had been operating National child Labour Project School Since 2011-12 financial year in rural area at Sukrabad Bara-II Gram Panchayat under Nalhati Block, Birbhum district. Sukrabad is a Muslim majority village except Muslim the ST,SC and OBC in which education is deprived due to poverty. Mainly those children who belongs in poor and the lower middle class family they are engaged either stone queries or in Bidi Industries for maintaining their family. For education of the children a NCLP is running on the area. Punctuality, discipline and after the entire schooling atmosphere have upgrade the ability of the student than other private school of urban area.  

Artisans Card

Handicrafts constitute an important segment of the decentralized / unorganized sector of our economy. Originally, started as a part time activity in rural areas, it has now transformed in flourishing economic activity due to significant market demand over the year. Handicrafts have big potential as they hold the key for sustaining not only the existing set of millions of artisans spread over length and breadth of the country, but also to increasingly large number of new entrants in the crafts activity. Presently, handicrafts are contributing substantially in employment generation, and export. The Handicrafts sector has suffered from basic problems of being in the unorganized sector with additional constraints like lack of education, capital, poor exposure to new technologies, absence of market intelligence and poor institutional framework. These problems have been further aggravated due to lack of proper care on the welfare of the artisans. In order to address the welfare needs of artisan in terms of health & insurance, this scheme has been envisaged. BiGUS is making ID cards for Handicraft artisans for the rural women by the support District Industries Centre of Birbhum.ID Cards for handicraft Artisans is one of the processes to centralized the candidates in a register. The Handicraft Artisans who have a qualitative sense in the work for handicraft but get no opportunity to focus themselves in the art world and even they have no money to spend their livelihood  they will be able to get Bank loan to expose their handicrafts in the world and also get a position as an artist.To create economic opportunities for artisan groups around the district of West Bengal where livelihoods, communities, and craft traditions are marginal or at risk.

BiGUS Society blends a passion for the deep-rooted cultures and handmade traditions of the developing world with a commitment to building profitable businesses. Environmentally sound practices are at the foundation of our methodology.. We accomplish this by working together with partners in the countries where we work and in the markets we connect artisans with, leaving behind an infrastructure that continues to support the artisan community long after we complete our mentoring.Our Organization is enlisting the handicraft artisans in two Blocks of Birbhum district. In two respective blocks of Birbhum districts e.g Suri (II) & Nalhati (I) where the handicraft Artisans is fully unrecognized sector.

Nasscom Foundation

Information and communication technologies are new age tools that can diminish distances and eradicate isolation, speed up developmental processes and enhance the overall quality of life. A Knowledge centre is a model for providing such tools to underserved and marginalized communities in order to help them access relevant information and opportunities to better their quality of life. A Knowledge centre has many functions and one of the main ones is to provide information services to the groups it serves. In order to provide such services, the knowledge centre coordinator has to become an “ info-mediary “ or a medium to pass on relevant information to communities as well as be a conduit to pass information about communities and their practices to the world at large.

Knowledge Centers are “a physical space that provides public access to Information and Communication Technologies for educational, personal, social and economical development.” The centers would provide multi-purpose services to communities such as education, health, e-governance and other services by facilitating access to information and essential services, providing opportunities through capacity building and training tools using ICT as outreach platform.

National Digital Literacy Mission State Partner Birbhumir Grameen Unnayan Society.
Food Security
Awarness Programme for Food Security with Ahed Initiative at Bhandirban village, Birbhum.
Certificate of MES
MES courses Certificate has come, student Please contact with us 9434132339.
PMKVY Retails associate  courses will be start very soon, Please contact your BiGUS centre
Drawing Competetion
Drawing Competition will be held 15th Aug 2014 at Bigus Premises, Suri, Sonatore para.Please contact 9434132339
TP Empanneled
Training Partner(TP) Empanneled under Pachim Banga Society for Skill Development (PBSSD)

Providing Computer literacy programme
Ensuring formal Education

Promote formal education and ICT...
Skill development programme in grassroots communit