Our Mission

BiGUS, always ready to dedicate for the deprived class of people and give support for their betterment to set them back to society.

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Our Vision
Our Identity
Our New Milestones
Skill Development Programme
 To Serve the Vision of the Organization BiGUS has been starting the Employable Scheme since 2013 as a vocational Training Providers under the Skill Development Initiative Scheme (SDIS) based on Modular Employable Skills Training.

The skill level and educational attainment of the workforce determines the productivity as well as the ability to adapt to the changing industrial environment. A majority of Indian workforce does not possess marketable skills which is an impediment in getting decent employment and improving their economic condition. While India has large young population, only 5% of the Indian labour force in the age group of 20-24 years has obtained vocational skills through formal means whereas the percentage in industrialized countries varies between 60% and 96%. About 63% of the school students drop out at different stages before reaching Class-X. Only about 2.5 million vocational training seats are available in the country whereas about 12.8 million persons enter the labour market every year. Even out of these training places, very few are available for early school dropouts. This signifies that a large number of school drop outs do not have access to skill development for improving their employability. The educational entry requirements and long duration of courses of the formal training system are some of the impediments for a person of low educational attainment to acquire skills for his livelihood. Further, the largest share of new jobs in India is likely to come from the unorganized sector that employs up to 93 per cent of the national workforce, but most of the training programmes cater to the needs of the organized sector.

Our New Acheivements
Resource Centre Cum Day Care Centre

Resource Centre Cum Day Care Centre:- Form 2009 A child dropped in centre is continuing for mainstreaming education for dropped out students of the Village by the funding support of B.P. The Programme has converted in Resource Centre cum Day Care centre by technical support of Nasscom Foundation. The Programme serves the goal of education, livelihood and health and hygiene development of the community of Mathurapahari. The programme  is implementing  by the handholding support of  Birbhumir Grameen Unnayan Society (BiGUS).

Education:- BiGUS is implementing Resource Centre Cum Day Care Centre covering one village in Md. Bazar  block of Birbhum district. Regarding promotion of education, the Organization has set up a community Centre for mainstreaming education of school dropped Children, coaching class for school going Children and adult literacy Programme of Mathurapahari village by the support of British petroleum (An Foreign Organization).

Solar Light:-   Six nos. Solar light, two nos. Solar Fans and one street light have set up in Mathurapahari village for arrangement of light for continuing education in night.

Harvesting Rain Wataer:- Through linking with local Gram Panchayet namely Bharkata G.P. a water Tank of 60000 Sq.ft. has cut in mathurapahari village tie up with MG-NREGA Scheme for harvest the rain water only. The stagnant water of the tank supported to irrigate the surrounding land for crisis management of rainy season and after. The tank fill up by rain water and stock of water managed up to November.

SHGs:- Four Female SHGs have formed  in VDP,PH-II secession. The Bank Linkage also completed.

Livelihood:-  For livelihood development of tribal community of Mathurapahari Village the following activities have done
Our New Projects
The SABLA scheme is one of India govt. scheme which aims to empower the Adolescent Girls of 11-18 years by improving their nutritional and health status, up gradation of home skills, life skills and vocational skills. The girls will be equipped with information on health and family welfare, hygiene guidance on existing public services. Birbhumir Grameen Unnayan society have taken a govt. order to implement vocational skills under SABLA scheme  in Jalpaiguri district of west Bengal and already have take an initiative to implement the programme in the 15th ICDS Projects of Jalpaiguri districts.

Training is a key element for improving and maintaining the quality of performance of the project personnel at all levels. Better equipped staff will be more effective in Community based strategies which need to focus on the community which is the ultimate link in the training chain. Correspondingly training has been geared up towards improving the knowledge; Skills and capabilities of all functionaries’ especially frontline workers so that they are not only better "service providers" but also mobilize of community towards desirable behavioral change.

The aim of the training is to develop all the field functionaries of ICDS into "Agents of Social Change" instead of simply reacting to the situation and to bring about behavioural change in the community.

A comprehensive training strategy has been planned focusing towards the holistic development of the project beneficiaries to help in achieving the objectives of the of the ICDS programme.