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Solid Waste Management

   13th June 2020     Project

In the time of global warming when the whole world is Dearing in the abnormal effect of nature then BiGUS have taken a challenging step to present a beautiful nature to the common people of the locality. Where there is available waste free locality and clean air with a healthy atmosphere. 

To Promote zero waste management which is a new system of managing solid waste, which strives for maximum waste recovery through recycling and recycling and reuse, aiming at ‘Zero’ waste to be disposed into dump yards and landfills. SWM is carried out through women and youth after sufficient training.

The households will segregate the waste at source into biodegradable (wet) waste and non biodegradable (dry) waste will thereafter be segregated into recyclables. Non-recyclable and domestic hazardous waste. Each household will be provided two buckets in different colors free of charge for the wet and the dry waste respectively.

Collection of waste from door to door basis and it will take place on a daily basis oin either pushcarts or rickshaws. After the waste has been collected from the households and the common areas have been swept, the waste is transported to the site with auto rickshaws.

At  the site, all biodegradable waste will be composed either in aerobic compose or in the more costly vermin compose. Composting is a low-cost option, which can be implemented on different levels of scale. The worm casting is harvested as vermin compose. Currently in India, compost sells at rates between INR-1.60-1.90 per kg for ordinary compost andINR 16-19 per kg for vermin compost.


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